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Volt Solar Energy

Our journey began in Panama in 2015, where we first planted our roots in the rapidly growing field of renewable energy. A year later, in 2016, our ambition propelled us further south, opening a new branch in Argentina. By 2018, our footprint expanded to Chile, marking our third location in just three short years.

Throughout Central and South America, from Panama to Colombia, Costa Rica to Argentina and Chile, we've implemented both residential and industrial solar solutions, contributing to a sustainable energy future across the continent.
In 2020, we set our sights northwards, opening a branch in Miami, Florida— the sunshine state.

This location perfectly suited our mission, and we successfully completed hundreds of solar and energy storage projects, each one paving the way for a cleaner, greener future.

Not content with standing still, in 2023 we broadened our horizon. We expanded our product portfolio to empower our customers to become energy independent. We introduced roofing, air conditioning and heat pumps, EV Chargers, and energy efficiency consulting to our services. We also developed a proprietary energy monitoring system, providing our clients with real-time insights into their energy consumption and production.

Our journey is one of growth, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. We're not just providing services; we're enabling a lifestyle, an ethic, and most importantly, a future. Here's to making energy independence a reality for all!

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